David Berlow: Now what, type heads?

2008-05-31 19:00:00
... The biggest change to happen to typography, just happened. The majority of people interacting with type, have shifted from pages, to screens. Less and less of this type on screens, over the last decade, is a preview, becoming instead the final output, or I should say, it's become, one of 'our' main inputs. How's it working for you? Pretty good. Me too. But sometimes... At the same time, or roughly from 1984 to 2004, screen resolutions have gone up, from around 72 dots per inch, to around 90 dots per inch, having a dramatic visual effect on the details of type, as seen, as composed, and as designed. Well, then, what happens when all this has to go to sea? ... Viel Spaß mit diesem englischen Konferenzmitschnitt der TYPO Berlin 2008!
2009-11-26 21:00:00

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