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The world’s first band consisting exclusively of typographic designers. Members are Donald Beekman, Donald Roos, Just van Rossum, Henk Lamers and Peter Verheul. There is no fixed repertoire, but music and style are finetuned according to every occasion. The instrumental compositions are based on improvisations and a large dose of unpredictability.

Donald Beekman
(1961) has been playing bass guitar longer than he has been designing typefaces. His letters have the same look and feel as the music of the funk, hip hop and trip hop bands that he played and plays in. He can be called - in short - Wolfraam's hippest member.

Saxophonist Donald Roos (1978) doesn't really have a typographic background. Despite the fact that everything has already been done, he still manages to design a new typeface now and then. His most recent venture is the world-leading Vette Letters font foundry.

Just van Rossum (1966) has been experimenting with digital typefaces since the earliest Apple Macintosh days, as one half of Letterror. From experimental digital typefaces it is but a small step to experimental electronic music. And from there to the electric guitar is an even smaller one.

Peter Verheul
(1965) was in the same class at the The Hague academy as Just. They also share a passion for typography, as well as a passion for the electric guitar. It is whispered that Peter's guitar solos have a dimension of their own.

Both Just, Peter and Donald (Roos) have been interns at the studio of Henk Lamers (1956) and Jeanne de Bont. Henk in fact doesn't like analogue all that much. That's why he only plays digital sounds on his computer, thus taking care of the drum section. Besides that he only designs typefaces when absolutely neccessary, mostly for the animation and documentary films he produces with Jeanne.


For TYPO Berlin 2007 Wolfraam have prepared a special set, that will be accompanied with imagery by VJ Paul van der Laan. Who also happens to be a type designer.

Wolfraam, the true story

Wolfraam will present their five different bandmembers/typedesigners (Donald Beekman, Just van Rossum, Peter Verheul, Henk Lamers & Donald Roos). They will show their individual typographic work and favorite music. And how their are all connected to one band. The lecture will be like their music, improvising and non-lineair... but however they will talk about their love for type and music.
Portrait Wolfraam