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Elena Albertoni is a italian type designer, she studied graphic design in Amiens, France (╔cole SupÚrieure d’Art et Design) and followed a typographical formation in Paris (DSAA Typo at ╔cole Estienne). She’s currently working at Luc(as) de Groot’s FontFabrik in Berlin. She co-founded in 2005 the digital type foundry Anatoletype.

Gregorian notation – a modern solution

Today, Gregorian chant is still written using the Middle Ages notation, which is also the base of our modern notation for music. But for years now, the need of digital documents for publishing pushed the Gregorian community to look for new solutions, such as programming, softwares and fonts. OpenType font technology can facilitate the work of type setting and improve the result quality: with a number of glyphs almost unlimited but easy to access, it gives quite a lot of freedom for experimentation. Gregoria font family received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2007 competition.