Typo 2007

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Since the early 1990s Clive has been involved in new media projects, from CD-ROMs through to web sites. He first started developing for the web in 1995 and has been running and maintaining web servers since 1996 – including web database interaction. Having a very stong typographic background Clive’s range of skills are not easily pinned down. His own take on this is ‘anything to do with type’ – which really doesn’t take into account his HTML and database development skills, or programming and project management skills. He has not deserted his typographic background, regularly writing and attending conferences on the subject as well as designing typefaces that are in daily use by Reuters and Debenhams, amongst others

Pixel picking & logo popping

This presentation will look at the relationship between editing pixel-based images and the development of logos and other symbols. It will take a historic view of these sources with a wide range of inputs to support the thesis that good logo design and picking pixels go hand in hand.
Portrait Clive Bruton