Typo 2007

German première

The first screening in Germany of the movie Helvetica will take place as the concluding highlight of this year’s TYPO Berlin. With this we celebrate the 50th anniversary of a typeface that has become a worldwide success.

About the Film

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration of urban spaces in major cities and the type that inhabits them, and a fluid discussion with renowned designers about their work, the creative process, and the choices and aesthetics behind their use of type.

Helvetica encompasses the worlds of design, advertising, psychology, and communication, and invites us to take a second look at the thousands of words we see every day.

About the Typeface

Helvetica was developed by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 for the Haas Type Foundry in Münchenstein, Switzerland. In the late 1950s, the European design world saw a revival of older sans-serif typefaces such as the German face Akzidenz Grotesk. Haas' director Hoffmann commissioned Miedinger, a former employee and freelance designer, to draw an updated sans-serif typeface to add to their line. The result was called Neue Haas Grotesk, but its name was later changed to Helvetica, derived from Helvetia, the Latin name for Switzerland, when Haas' German parent companies Stempel and Linotype began marketing the font internationally in 1961.
The german première of Helvetica is made possible with the friendly support of Linotype GmbH.
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The screening takes place on Saturday at 20.00 hours at the Cinestar Cubix on Alexanderplatz. Delegates of the TYPO Berlin can reserve tickets for the screening during the conference. Further details will be announced at the event. Non-TYPO-delegates will be able to purchase any remaining tickets from 19.00 hours at the cinema.


Following the movie screening, TYPOnight, the closing party of the 12th International Design Conference, will take place at the Kalkscheune. Entrance to the party is free for TYPO delegates. A limited number of additional tickets can be purchased on the door.

Making Of...

On Saturday, as part of the conference programme, Gary Hustwit, director of the Helvetica movie, will talk in detail about the making of the movie and take questions from the floor. Where: TYPOshow, when: 17.00 hours (this event is open to TYPO Berlin delegates only).
Portrait Gary Hustwit
Gary Hustwit is a producer and director. He has produced five feature documentaries, including ‘I Am Trying To Break Your Heart’, the award-winning film about the band Wilco; ‘Moog’, the documentary about electronic music pioneer Robert Moog; and ‘Drive Well, Sleep Carefully’, a tour film about the band Death Cab for Cutie. Helvetica is Hustwit's directorial debut. Hustwit worked with punk label SST Records in the late-1980’s, ran the independent book publishing house Incommunicado Press during the 1990’s, was Vice President of the media website Salon.com in 2000, and started the indie DVD label Plexifilm in 2001.
We would like to thank the LocationCinema GmbH for arranging the venue for this event.
Helvetica is a production of Swiss Dots
in association with Veer.
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