TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

ARTHELPS. This project by designer and artist Thomas Lupo lends a voice in society to the disadvantaged via the media art and design. Lupo’s works have been awarded prizes both nationally and internationally. This former student of Visual Communication from the DESIGN PF today works as an Art Director at Jung von Matt.

Instructions for breaking free (G)

On his honeymoon trip through Brazil, he discovers something else that is to become a matter of the heart. His wife lets him go – into the favela, where it is not champagne corks but shots that pop in the night. He lives in Morro do Papagaio for five months, where he starts up a creative training camp for children using very simple resources. He documents the works that emerge - made of cardboard boxes and matchboxes, old rags and glue - in his bachelor thesis and receives gold from DCC as a result. The experiences he gained in the city outskirts of Belo Horizonte changed the way he sees the world. Experiences like this can expand the horizon of creative people in the so-called “first world”, because creativity can move more than a cursor on a »buy« button can!