TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

Time Hall Show Stage Nest
11:00 AM
Jost Hochuli
»Bauhaus, Zurich, Basel – and something more« (G)
Andreas Bersch
Facebook Marketing - Overview and outlook (G)
Andreas Frohloff
Calligraphy workshop – have fun trying out different writing instruments (2 hours) (G)
12:00 PM
Donald Beekman
Donald Roos
VetteLetters: between food, fonts and the making of... (E)
Jörn Loviscach
A navigation system for the typeface universe (G)
Todd Childers
A product of its time? Typographic distortion in international style typography (E)
01:00 PM
– Lunch –
Heiko Scherer
Storytelling on a tablet - journalism for designers (G)
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
02:00 PM
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
Peter Huth
Berlin times – Design and production of an iPad magazine (G)
Talent scouting – Workshop (3 hours) (G)
03:00 PM
Tim Fendley
Legible London (E)
Doug Wilson
The Linotype and the second revolution of printing (E)
Martin Tiefenthaler
Austria for example (G)
04:00 PM
Heike Nehl
Sibylle Schlaich
Global Shift and ground-breaking identities (G)
Florian Pfeffer
Critical cuisine - The caterer who loved me (G)
Yves Peters
Trajan in movie posters: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire (E)
05:00 PM
– Coffee –
– Coffee –
– Coffee –
– Coffee –
06:00 PM
Martin Poschauko
NEA MACHINA – The creative machine »Head - Gut - Hand - Computer« (G)
Shelley Gruendler
Design pluralism: a call for radical shifts in the teaching of typography (E)
Alexander Branczyk
Take-off and landing: The font to be used at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (G)
07:00 PM
Markus Hanzer
Genesis (G)
08:00 PM
April Greiman
Topo/Typo (E)