TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

Jörg Becker is a »visual communicator« with a special interest in creativity, typography, sociology, rhetoric and communication theory. Holder of a degree in Visual Communication from a German university and an MFA in Graphic Design from the Netherlands, he teaches book design, creative practice, typography, visual rhetoric and the basic psychological principals of design at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA, among others. For four years Becker worked on the visual communication of the German Government, as well as for several ministries, trade unions and other commercial clients.

Once when things really shift. (G)

»Would you look at that. You wouldn't put the dog out on a day like this.«
Every change in the weather brings about a new perspective. Every game gives rise to new rules. And yet, stuck behind the window or at the edge of the playing field, nothing changes. Things remain dry and effortless. Perspectives don't change here. There is only one perspective: you are relieved not to have to take part in the uncomfortable change of perspective.You watch the weather report, feeling safe behind the shelter of safe assumptions or you haul your bottom onto the bandstand without the slightest hint of a sweat. However, without contact you can't »pick up seeds«. If you never have to actively grapple with opposition against you, then you will never be able to "push the envelope". And if you only have one perspective, then you have nothing to change. Anyone who seeks to avoid getting his hands dirty in life, preferring to stay comfortably at home; unwilling to play in and with perspectives, only reacting to them; aware of the rules, but unwilling to play the game – will remain uncreative. And it doesn’t matter how much you talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, …