TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

Time Hall Show Stage Nest
11:00 AM
Robin Kinross
Design as editing: an anarchist approach (E)
Andreas Frohloff
Calligraphy workshop – have fun trying out different writing instruments (2 hours) (G)
12:00 PM
Michael Johnson
Forget the rules. Celebrate the mutable, the modular and the mashed-up (E)
Christopher Çolak
Istambulin: »Designing a font for a city, inspired by the city« (E)
Peter Bil’ak
»Is the screen 100 years behind the print?« (E)
01:00 PM
– Lunch –
Malte Christensen
»Hurrah, I’m going to be a fireman!« (G)
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
02:00 PM
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
– Lunch –
03:00 PM
Wolfgang Pauser
A hit parade of the macro shift (G)
Jason Edward Lewis
Post PostScript please! (E)
Pascal Zoghbi
Arabic graffiti (E)
Jan Rikus Hillmann
From tabloid zu tablet, from format to feature. The magazine De:Bug ventures a reformat. (G)
04:00 PM
Tina Frank
Go between (G)
Dirk Uhlenbrock
With tie and fez (G)
Damian Gerbaulet
Communications design - a brand of its own (G)
06:00 PM
Petr van Blokland
Designer update: what’s next? (E)
Jörg Becker
Once when things really shift. (G)
07:00 PM
Thomas Lupo
Instructions for breaking free (G)
08:00 PM
Christoph Niemann
Life is what you make it – even if you’re a graphic designer (E)