TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

Wilson »Linotype: The Film«
Doug Wilson is a designer, filmmaker, and teacher that has a passion for letterpress. Born and raised in the Midwest, he has worked in advertising and taught typography as an adjunct professor. He received a BFA in Graphic Design and Art History from Missouri State University and spent a summer as a letterpress artist in residence at L’Association pour le Patrimoine Industriel in Geneva, Switzerland. Doug is currently directing a feature-length documentary, Linotype: The Film. He lives in Springfield, Missouri USA with his wife and an ever-expanding collection of books.

The Linotype and the second revolution of printing (E)

»The Linotype and the Second Revolution of Printing« will focus on the impact that Ottmar Mergenthaler’s typecasting machine had on typography, printing and society. The machine that Thomas Edison called »The Eighth Wonder of the World« changed the ability to exchange information as much as the internet is changing it today. The invention of the Linotype is an account of genius, tragedy, and corporate greed. There will be an explanation of how the amazingly complex machine creates a »line o’ type« as well as a preview of the documentary film on the Linotype.