TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift - 16th International Design Conference May 19th – 21st

DESIGNERDOCK is the most successful personnel consultancy firm in the communications industry of the German-speaking countries. For almost fifteen years now, DESIGNERDOCK has been serving its clients reliably, respectfully and professionally. More than 2,000 well-known companies and agencies have already profited from their recruitment services. Many of them are long-standing clients. DESIGNERDOCK is always looking for new and surprising talents. However, above-average talent is not always sufficient; the ability to market oneself correctly is vital and the most important component in this respect is your own portfolio.

As personnel consultant, Anke Krey is responsible at DESIGNERDOCK among other things for the communication designers, art directors and graphic designers. As a graduate communications designer, she has worked internationally and in Germany for agencies like Milton Glaser Inc., Lintas:Hamburg, and Leonhardt and Kern.

Sabine Menke is an HR manager with DESIGNERDOCK Hamburg and in charge of the creative online and offline project teams. She studied communication design, and went on to work for Select Hamburg, Kolle Rebbe and other Hamburg-based advertising agencies. She has also been a freelancer for Hamburg’s publishing houses.

Talent scouting – Workshop (3 hours) (G)

After providing a short insight into the demand and supply situation in the current communications industry market, the personnel consultants from DESIGNERDOCK, Anke Krey and Sabine Menke, will offer to check out participants’ application portfolios upon request. Through many years of experience in the area of personnel consultancy and recruitment, they can provide help in self-assessment, and give tips and practical advice.