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Sébastien Morlighem is a former student of the école Estienne, where he studied type design. A graphic designer in publishing (literature, poetry, social studies, music etc.), since 1997 he has focused on teaching typography and history of graphic design at several schools. He is currently one of the teachers heading up the post-graduate programme »Graphic, Type and Language Systems« at the École supérieure d’art et de design in Amiens. He also oversees the »Bibliothèque Typographique« series for Ypsilon éditeur.
Sébastien Morlighem

José Mendoza y Almeida – the »Godfather« of French Type Design.


José Mendoza y Almeida (now 83 years old) designed typefaces like Pascal, Photina and ITC Mendoza. He is considered the »godfather« of French type design. Still active today, he began working with Roger Excoffon at the Fonderie Olive in 1954. The first book dedicated to his work was published last March as part of the »Bibliothèque typographique« series. It features an introduction by Jan Middendorp and essays by Martin Majoor and Sébastien Morlighem. The book also contains many previously unpublished documents. The book will be presented by its authors.

The 16th International
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