Time Hall Show Stage Nest
11:00 AM
Jonathan Barnbrook
Typographic Passion (E)
Christian Hanke
No Compromises. A Passion for the Perfect Espresso. (G)
12:00 PM
Uta von Debschitz
Thilo von Debschitz
Infected! The Picture Virus of Dr. Fritz Kahn (G)
Knut Maierhofer
Designing Brands with Attitude (G)
Wolf Lindau
Volumondo the new 3D Design Community (G)
Andreas Frohloff
Passionate Penmanship (Workshop - 2 hours) (G)
01:00 PM
- Lunch -
Erwin K. Bauer
Form Follows Passion (G)
02:00 PM
- Lunch -
Arabic for Beginners (G)
David Berman
How To Make The Planet Your Client: What's Next? (E)
TYPO Berlin is Listening to You
03:00 PM
Daniel Gjøde
Stupid Has the Balls (E)
Laura Meseguer
How I Fell in Love with Lettering (E)
Ralf Herrmann
Speed Reading – Traffic Sign Fonts (G)
Heide Hackenberg
Position Yourself Clearly to Raise Your Profile The "Password” to Passion and Success (G)
04:00 PM
Piet Schreuders
Making Furore: Adventures in Zine-land (E)
Dan Reynolds
The Passion of the Young, Multi-Script Type Designer (G)
The Best of 15 Years of TYPO: Eboy, TYPO 2006
05:00 PM
König Bansah
Julian Zimmermann
The King is Customer (G)
Rob Keller
I ♥ India (& Why You Should Too) (E)
Lost in Transliteration (E)
06:00 PM
- Coffee -
Richard Kegler
Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century (E)
07:00 PM
Studio Dumbar
Sniff and Kiss (E)