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Jörg Petruschat (b. 1958) developed design theories and attained a name for himself as publisher of form+zweck (form+purpose) magazine. He is a professor at the Design Faculty in Dresden, teach theory of culture and civilisation, and history of design. He also heads up the Institute for Innovation and Design, where he is currently working on projects in the field of gestural interaction. His most recent work deals with the value of creative work in leading agencies and companies in Europe and the U.S. and with the subject of co-creativity. His “Ohne Vorbild. Einige Bemerkungen zum Hand haben“ (Without Example. A Few Remarks on Having a Good Hand) is soon to be published. He lives and works in Berlin and Dresden.

New Deal


Is crowdsourcing a form of outsourcing with no reciprocity? Is it even relevant to continue the division of labour between content (wish) and form? Can open design overcome the egotism of form?

The 16th International
TYPO Berlin 2011

will take place
May 19th to May 21st.