Time Hall Show Stage Nest
11:00 AM
Joachim Sauter
Passion to (Re)Invent (G)
12:00 PM
Candy Chang
Street Vendors, Stencils and Neighbors (E)
Florian Schmidt
Design as Popular Sport (G)
Andreas Frohloff
Passionate Penmanship (Workshop - 2 hours) (G)
12:30 PM
Dragan Espenschied
Digital Folklore (G)
01:00 PM
- Lunch -
Oliver Reichenstein
Freeze-Dried Web Design: What is the Value of a Template and How do You Market it? (G)
Martin Majoor
Sébastien Morlighem
José Mendoza y Almeida – the »Godfather« of French Type Design. (E)
01:30 PM
Malte Christensen
Designer x.0 – A Guide to Establishing Yourself Online (G)
02:00 PM
- Lunch -
Niels Shoe Meulman
Calligraffiti (E)
Veronika Burian
Laura Meseguer
Dan Reynolds
Christoph Dunst
»Handgloves« or »adhesion«, Reading or writing, KABK in The Hague or the University of Reading? (E)
03:00 PM
Jan Chipchase
Fresh Minds (E)
Michael Kubens – a New Launching Pad for Creative Projects (G)
Paul van der Laan
Erik van Blokland
Type Cooking with Erik and Paul (Workshop) (E)
03:30 PM
Bastian Unterberg
jovoto - Open Space for Ideas (G)
04:00 PM
Fons Hickmann
Melancholia, don't f... with me (G)
Torsten Stapelkamp
Design – Passion for Creativity and Entrepreneurship (G)
Andrea Tinnes
The Joy of Letters (G)
04:30 PM
Jörg Petruschat
New Deal (G)
05:00 PM
David Carson
A Design Surf (E)
- Break -
Diederik Corvers
Bach, Behinds & Béziers (E)
The Best of 15 Years of TYPO: Adrian Frutiger, TYPO 1996
06:00 PM
- Coffee -
07:00 PM
Erik Kessels
KesselsKramer says Hello (E)
08:00 PM
Eike König
From Hort to Heart (G)