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Erik Kessels was born 1966 in Roermond, Netherlands and is the Creative Director and co-founder of the Amsterdam advertising agency KesselsKramer, where he is in charge of such international accounts as Diesel, Oxfam or Ben. Following the principle that any medium, as long as it is relevant to an idea, is a potential for communication for a brand and its products or services, KesselsKramer’s portfolio ranges from ‘classical’ advertising to publishing and documentary film. In 2007 KesselsKramer established a branch in London, the KK Outlet. Just like the parent agency, the London office is not just an advertising agency, but also houses a gallery. For apart from his agency work, Erik Kessels is also an avid collector of photography who has published a number of volumes with photographs from his collection, among them the photo series »Instant Men Wonder« and »2 Kilo of KesselsKramer«. Since 2000 he has also been publishing the alternative photo magazine »Useful Photography« and acts as curator for numerous exhibitions. Erik Kessels has three children and lives in Amsterdam.
Erik Kessels

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KesselsKramer believes that we’re living in a new age of story-telling, a time when a brand can tell its tale, not only through traditional media, but in whatever form most suits its message. So an idea can pop up in the form of a book, a film, and advertising campaign, an exhibition or a product. In other words, KesselsKramer stands for the propagation of good ideas, of imagination over traditional limitations. Its work is constantly trying to embody this philosophy.

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