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Eike Koenig lives and works as a graphic designer in Berlin. He is the founder of the design agency HORT. From time to time, he lectures, organises workshops and teaches at various colleges in Germany and abroad. Hort on Hort: “we love to work on projects that help people to understand information. We love to work for companies or undertakings that are in the starting blocks and have to find themselves. We love to be a part of creating a brand or a product, developing it and making it visible in the world”.
Eike Koenig

From Hort to Heart


As we went to press, Eike Koenig hadn’t yet decided what he is going to present at TYPO, or how. “I normally decide shortly beforehand. Everything I do and am fits into the theme of “passion”, so ...” Ideally, he’ll present something on the stage of the Great Hall that characterises Hort, “a large, colourful playground. A place without limits, of complete openness, great trust and unbounded opportunity. An unconventional place to create – that allows anything and demands everything”.

The 16th International
TYPO Berlin 2011

will take place
May 19th to May 21st.