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Christoph Dunst is a font and graphic designer in Berlin. He has a degree in graphic design and a master’s in typeface design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. In 2006, he founded Büro Dunst, which focuses on type design and its application in corporate design as well as on brand design. Several renowned agencies are among his clients, including Landor Associates, Lava Amsterdam, Studio Dumbar and Total Identity. His extensive font family, Novel, was awarded the 2009 certificate of excellence in type design by the Type Directors Club (TDC2).

»Handgloves« or »adhesion«,
Reading or writing, KABK in The Hague or the University of Reading?


Legend has it that the two renowned master’s degree programmes in type design (and their graduates) are rivals. Passionate debates can break out about the best method of drawing an “S”. But is it really true that the schools don’t like each other? Is choosing one or the other really a question of faith? We will look at the distinctive characteristics of the two programmes and the ways in which they differ. The panel exploring those questions and others will include two graduates from each school: Veronika Burian, Christoph Dunst, Laura Meseguer and Dan Reynolds.

The 16th International
TYPO Berlin 2011

will take place
May 19th to May 21st.