Time Hall Show Stage Nest
02:00 PM
Erik Spiekermann
I can't Stand That & That Makes me Totally Happy! (G)
03:00 PM
Hartmut Bohnacker
Julia Laub
Generative Design (G)
Alessio Leonardi
Passion? No, Thanks! (G)
Andreas Frohloff
Passionate Penmanship (Workshop - 2 hours) (G)
04:00 PM
Oliver Reichenstein
Legibility – Writeability? A Practical Contribution to the Improvement of Script Typography in Word Processors. (G)
Veronika Burian
Typographic Matchmaking (E)
05:00 PM
- Coffee -
Ivo Gabrowitsch
»Goodbye Tristesse! Hello Web Fonts!« (G)
Alexandra Korolkova
PT Sans: The Making of a Popular Type (E)
06:00 PM
Frank Schomburg
The Magic of Emotional Resonance. When the Tail Begins to Wag the Dog. (G)
Rich Roat
Passion is Easy, but Love is Never Simple (E)
The Best of 15 Years of TYPO
07:00 PM
Carlos Segura
(My) Type of Life (E)
Yves Peters
Fonts, a Passionate Love Story, or an Abusive Relationship? (E)
Daniel-Jan Girl
Customer Loyalty – Success with Passion and Know-How (G)
08:00 PM
Julian Smith
Who the Heck are You? (E)
Jan Middendorp
Labours of Love – Boudewijn Ietswaart, Mexico and ‘El proyecto Ietswaart’ (E)