TYPOBerlin 2008 - Image


Time TYPOhall TYPOshow TYPOlab TYPOstage
02:00 PM Alison Jackson
Seeing is deceiving (E)
03:00 PM Jonathan Barnbrook
Type is image (E)
» Looking for Mr Gill«
Documentary (E)
04:00 PM Kurt Weidemann
Be individual without being a conformist individual (G)
Thomas Phinney
Hey, why didn't that work? A designer's guide to font quality. (E)
05:00 PM – Coffee break – – Coffee break – Gil Sperling
New imagery for ancient stories – a new shape for an awakening language (E)
Creating fonts on the web
06:00 PM Stefanie Grebe
It’s really true! Reality as promised by photography. (G)
Holger Schmidhuber
Rolf Mehnert
Why image needs authentic values (G)
Jitter Magazin
Image, identity and narration (G)
07:00 PM Steven Heller
Iron graphics: Branding totalitarian states (E)
Adam Twardoch
Verdana is good, mine is better (G)
08:00 PM Font Fight
Who will win the title? (G)