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Portrait Yang Liu
Yang Liu was born in Beijing in 1976. When she was 13, her family moved to Germany. She entered the University of the Arts in Berlin at age 17. Worked as a designer in Singapore, London, Berlin, and New York. Founded her own design studio in 2004. Workshops and presentations at international conferences. Lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and Glasgow School of Art. Received several international awards. Her works are exhibits in museums all over the world and collector’s items.

East meets west (G)

The project »East meets West« is a personal life documentary, and has been discussed in many media and numerous private blogs. It has been shown in several exhibitions in Germany and China since May 2007. »East meets West« is about the differences between Germans and Chinese, which are presented in pictograms. In her lecture, the author of the project will discuss the visual and perceptive cultural differences in Europe and Asia and disclose the background and irony of the unintended circulation of the artwork.