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Portrait Heamin Kim
Haemin Kim, also known as kimhaemin, is a computational graphic designer dealing with time and is a principal author of »tactuaL [si:gak] series«. She received a BFA in ceramic craft and an MFA in visual communication design from Seoul National University in South Korea. Since the upsurge of interest in 'craft & design in life', she has collaborated on several projects with creative professionals in multi-disciplinary areas. She has recently founded an experimental laboratory, Design [sa:hm] and is engaged on several unique projects as its general director and as a member of B4TYPE.

Feeling by type and seeing by touch

The »tactuaL [si:gak] series«. Can we ›see‹ the world without eyes? Can we ›feel‹ the beauty of the visual information, such as types and images, with our hands? Visual communication is the most powerful means by which human beings see, feel, think and behave in a certain way. For those who can see, being unable to see is beyond imagination. But are they really not able to ›see‹ when deprived of sight?

»tactuaL [si:gak] series« is an alternative plastic answer to the question of how we can ›see‹ in a different way by touching. By making use of the interactivity of digital media, it shows how the visually impaired perceive the world. To help people understand them through this project, the author demonstrated ›seeing‹ differently by light-drawing the images over time.