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COLORS Notebook

COLORS Notebook is a project by COLORS, a quarterly magazine read by young adults across the world. It is sold in over 40 countries; until now, its three editions are published in four languages (English and Italian, French and Spanish).

Established in 1991, with the premise that diversity is positive but that all cultures have equal value, today COLORS is part of the publishing activity of FABRICA, Benetton’s communication research centre, where young artists/researchers from all over the world develop concrete communication projects in various areas: design, music, cinema, photography, publishing, the internet.

COLORS Notebook – presentation (E)

COLORS Notebook is a COLORS project, launched in 2006 in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou and Reporters Without Borders, to give a voice to people who are never heard.

Blank copies of COLORS Notebook were sent to people nobody listens to: Chinese prison inmates, South African children, artists, astronauts, people with mental disorders, or just ordinary people going about their everyday life. The book, published by Birkhäuser, and divided into Faces and Violence sections, is composed of a selection of the Notebooks sent back to COLORS from more than 50 world nations. With no filters or censoring, these Notebooks describe situations of isolation, hardship or suffering, but they also display amazing creativity and flair.

The two sections presented in Berlin include contributions and interviews with prestigious personalities from the graphic and communication fields: Milton Glaser and Steven Heller for »Faces«, Rick Poynor and Stefan Sagmeister for »Violence«.

COLORS Notebook – workshop (E)

Design your own notebook. A workshop with Isotta Dardilli, Paolo Jannuzzi and Carlos Mustienes from COLORS  Notebook/FABRICA.