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Double Standards

Portrait Chris Rehberger
Chris Rehberger moved from London to Berlin in 2000 and founded Double Standards in 2001. Double Standards’ field of work is almost entirely to be found in the cultural area and those departments connected to it in one way or the other.

… you see, I see. (G)

Most responses to creative work are misguided by personal experience and lead to a misinterpretation of what was intended. How come the work still hits the spot and communicates? If analysed in reverse, from back to front, the intention behind creative work is, on the other hand in an ideal world, fed by personal experience and an utmost personal concern. Is it really a bad thing if only half the truth gets through to the audience? Isn’t this productive misunderstanding, to leave some blind spots and certain incitements unexplained, part of the magic and poetry in design?