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Portrait Nicolas Bourquin
Nicolas Bourquin (1975) lives and works as a creative director, publisher and artist in Berlin. He was born in Switzerland, studied architecture and graphic design at the School of Design in Biel. Publisher and Designer of »Los, Dos and Tres Logos« as well as »Altitude« (Die Gestalten Verlag), Nicolas Bourquin co-founded in 2003 the independent Berlin publisher “etc publications”. Nicolas heads and supports the onlab team of nine designers working on commissioned, collaborative as well as self initiated projects. Recently working on the entire redesign of the architecture magazine »domus« (80th anniversary, april 2008) or the design and conception of the German contribution to the architecture Biennale in Venice in september 2008.

»Je viens d'ici« (from here am I) (G)

About branding the city where you was born, ...and where your parents still lives.
Tramelan is a village situated in the Bernese Jura, in the industrial tradition and culture of watch making and engeneering in Switzerland where Nicolas Bourquin grew up. Since 25 years, Tramelan is shrinking. In 2004, the studio onlab was hired to take part in the commission examining the identity and development opportunities of Tramelan as advisors in the field of communication. The commission, delivered a report analyzing the current (infra-) structural, political, economic, social, and cultural situation of the village and its local, regional and national image as well as its self-perception. Following this report which was to deliver the basis for extensive restructuring measures, onlab was commissioned in 2006 to develop a new visual identity and communication strategy for the village for the years to come. In September 2007, the results of this project were presented to the population and the press, the new strategy will successively be implemented