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The TYPO Image head-in-a-bag competition

This it how it works:

1. Print out bag and glue together.
2. Put your head in the bag.
3. Take photo.
4. Upload photo to the TYPO website.*
5. Win a TYPO ticket.**

TYPO Image "head-in-a-bag" Gallery

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Bilder vom 21.01.2008 bis 28.01.2008

Sven L.
He who runs after two hares will catch neither
kazuhiro kikuch
He who runs after two hares will catch neither
TYPO Boots
John Dennis
TYPO Boots
Killroy wasn´t here yet
Pascal Schöning
Killroy wasn´t here yet
11. Taschen-Gewinner
* Image file requirements:
width: 600 pixels, height: 460 pixels; colour mode: RGB; file format: JPG.
Don't use any special carachters or spaces in the filename.
By uploading your photo to the TYPO website you agree to waive all rights of use and entitle FontShop to make free use of the photographs in all communications related to the TYPO Berlin 2008.

** Each week one entry will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries of that week, to win a free ticket TYPO Berlin 2008. Only weekly entries that have submitted a new photograph are entered into the draw. FontShop reserves the right to disqualify any photograph or entry from the draw and from publication, if their content is deemed inappropriate or objectionable. The winners will be publicised on this website. The competition ends on 26 May 2008.